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You can rest assured that The Reed Agency has the perfect coverage for your car, truck, or other motor vehicle. Our helpful agents will provide knowledgeable guidance as they help you select an auto insurance policy tailored to your individual needs and budget—ensuring peace of mind with every mile. With top-notch customer service and quality protection, The Reed Agency is the trusted go-to source for reliable auto & vehicle insurance services nationwide!

Auto & Vehicle Insurance Options

Auto Insurance in Canon City, Co

Auto Insurance

Don’t let auto insurance weigh you down—it’s the perfect travel companion for your family vacations! With a wide selection of coverage limits to fit any budget, enjoy peace of mind and freedom from worry as you explore new horizons. Our protection is here when life takes an unexpected turn – so go ahead, hit the road and have some fun!
Motorcycle Insurance in Canon City, Co

Motorcycle Insurance

Enjoy the ride and leave your worries at home with our unbeatable motorcycle policy! All of your two-wheeled adventures are now fully covered – from bike to road gear. Don’t miss out on guaranteed peace of mind when you hit those winding roads this summer!
Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Canon City, Co

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Outdoor adventures call for reliable coverage! Whether you’re exploring the outdoors with a camper, trailer or ATV – we’ve got your back. With our insurance policy, you can rest easy and hit the trails worry-free.
Classic Auto Insurance in Canon City, Co

Classic Auto Insurance

From the open road to unexpected detours, let Auto Insurance be your safety net! We provide a range of coverages so that you can explore without worry and find protection for yourself, your collector car, and those closest to you— all while keeping an eye on the budget. So look forwards towards thrilling experiences down every new path; we’re here with reliable coverage at every turn.
Commercial Auto Insurance in Canon City, Co

Commercial Auto Insurance

From large trucks to the smallest of delivery cars, protecting your business’ investments on the road is essential. Commercial auto insurance can provide vital coverage that gives you peace of mind and keeps operations running smoothly no matter what kind of unfortunate event may arise. Receive reliable protection for any damages incurred by your fleet so that when a hiccup does occur, payment security helps get things back in gear as quickly as possible!
Tractor Trailer Insurance in Canon City, Co

Tractor Trailer Insurance

As a tractor trailer operator, you’re tasked with the important job of transporting valuable cargo. To ensure your own peace of mind and the safety of those goods, an insurance policy designed specifically for these operations is imperative. With comprehensive coverages ranging from physical damage to accident assistance, a quality insurer provides protection against any potential issues that may arise on long-distance voyages.
Tractor Trailer Insurance in Canon City, Co

Amazon DSP Products

Our company partners with top-rated carriers that adhere to Amazon’s regulations, ensuring complete compliance. We prioritize our clients’ needs by providing a comprehensive carrier shopping service that saves them time. Our team of experts are well-versed in risk assessment and offer flexible billing options to optimize cash flow. In unforeseen circumstances, general liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury, and property damage resulting from business operations. Our risk management protocols can help mitigate such claims. Neglecting to insure your business contents can lead to missed financial opportunities. Our cargo insurance policy covers liability for goods during transit and compensates for losses or damage caused by events such as collisions or fires. We specialize in addressing all potential risks associated with your Amazon transportation business and are committed to supporting you at every stage of the process.

Tractor Trailer Insurance in Canon City, Co

Amazon Prime Delivery Drivers

To begin delivering for Amazon Prime, you must satisfy certain requirements regarding driver training, vehicle capacity, and insurance coverage. Insurance requirements are comparable to those of other on-demand transportation businesses, including logistics, courier, and trucking services. The minimum insurance coverage for Amazon delivery drivers includes: • Business or general liability insurance – This covers up to $1,000,000 per occurrence or $2,000,000 aggregate. • Commercial auto insurance – This provides basic coverage for common accidents resulting in bodily injury, property damage, or wrongful death up to $1,000,000. In some instances, it may also cover cargo in transit. • Workers’ compensation insurance – This is mandatory in most states and covers hospital expenses and lost wages if employees are injured while working, such as when loading or unloading cargo, up to $1,000,000. • Cargo liability insurance – This type of insurance protects against cargo losses, damages, theft, or late delivery. As these incidents are common in the delivery industry, it’s important to have sufficient coverage to avoid expensive claims. Amazon Fresh requires a minimum of $25,000 coverage. While Amazon’s delivery requirements are uniform across the country, there may be some variations depending on your state of operation. All types of insurance are crucial to safeguard different aspects of your business from costly claims. However, some types of coverage can be included in a more general policy. For example, a customized commercial auto insurance policy may sufficiently cover non-hazardous, low-value cargo. However, you may still need cargo insurance for high-value shipments. Contact us today at 863-240-0334 to learn more about our insurance policies for Amazon delivery drivers.

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